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Suntour Edge LOR8 Rear Shock
Suntour Edge LOR8 Rear Shock
$ 279.95

Suntour Edge LOR8 Rear Shock

Looking to upgrade the suspension on your Lancer ebike?  The Suntour Edge is a fully adjustable and rebuildable air shock that's a direct fit for your bike!  Not only does it improve handling offroad, but will shed well over a pound of weight.  (Just 9 ounces vs the stock 28 ounce shock!)

The Edge series shines on XC and Trail oriented terrain. The Edge has a sleek and hardened body that allows it to be both compact and efficient, yet tough. Low speed compression and rebound adjustable. The Edge brings the full package at a great price for XC and Trail bikes in today's demanding trails and terrain.

  • Air shock
  • Rebound adjustable
  • Lockout 80%
  • Slim, compact design
  • Hard anodized finish
  • CNC dials
  • Air volume adjustable
  • High pressure
  • 184mm eye to eye length
  • 44mm stroke

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