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The Upgrade Kit

By far the most popular upgrade available, The Upgrade kit includes a new motor controller and new color display.  The combination allows you to finally unleash the full potential of the stock motor and battery.  This is THE upgrade kit your friends have been talking about.

***Taillight/Brake light not included***

35a controller and New Color LCD8H.

Plug and play for 2016-2018 Rover bikes. Please note that the controller has a tail light plug that will not be used. We do not recommend upgraded lights as it can burn up the headlight circuit.

Plug and play for 2019-2021 Rover models. (Up to Rover 5) (Not compatible with Rover 6)  Will only work with stock 200 lumen headlight, will not work with the 500 Lumen headlights.

Mini - Although also typically plug and play for 2018 and prior, this controller is substantially larger than stock and will not fit inside the frame or stock mounting locations.  May have a different battery plug.  Please check your bike and photos before ordering.

City or Wagon - Untested, but customers have reported it works well.  Setting adjustments may be required. Controller may not fit correctly. Additional mounting hardware may be required.

Rover 6 + - Does not work

Runner - Tested and working!

Runner Two - Untested by Area 13, but customers have reported it is compatible.

Runner Plus - Tested and Working. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 500 LUMEN STOCK HEADLIGHT.

Works with all European/Canadian models except Rover 6

Compatible with both 48v and 52 batteries.  (NOT recommended for 60v)

Dimensions: 7.5" x 3.25" x 1.75" 

*The Upgrade Kit is created for specific models of Rad bikes, and that name is used for part compatibility or identification only. We are not affiliated with that company and this item is an aftermarket part.

PDF Manual available here.

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