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FlatOut™ is a one-time tire additive that prevents flats due to punctures up to 1/2’’ and stops slow leaks around the bead or valve stem or due the natural porosity of the tire. It is made of synthetic TangleTek™ fibers including KEVLAR™ and unique DamRight™ fillers suspended in our special Never-Settle™ base fluid (non-adhesive, non-toxic and freeze-resistant). When a puncture occurs, escaping air forces FlatOut™ into the wound creating an airtight fiber jam. Think beaver dam but with the fibers and fillers forming an amazingly durable plug! And, It’s proven, having been used in Military and industrial applications for decades!


20" Tire = 10 Oz

24" Tire = 12 OZ

26" Tire = 16 OZ

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