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Sondors Upgrades

Tire of spinning your wheels trying to figure out which aftermarket parts are available for your Sondors ebike?  Spin no more!  Here's every upgrade part available from Bolton Ebikes that's a direct fit to your bike!  

1.  Motor Controllers and Displays

Sondors bikes have come in many different variations, often with changes to plugs and connections from year to year.  Although we have tried to create plug and play versions for each bike, please read descriptions carefully as some may require extensions or different parts to be fully compatible.

2.  Bafang 750 watt Motor

If you have a 350 watt or 500 watt motor, swapping is easy!  The motor case is exactly the same, meaning you can drop a more powerful motor into your existing wheel without re-lacing the wheel.  Note that this DOES REQUIRE a new motor controller as the plug is larger to handle the extra power. 

3.  Brakes!  Now that you can accelerate quicker, climb hills faster and unlock the top speed, it's time to stop!  We have 2 options for you depending on the model.  Either the correct Shimano hydraulic brakes, or Hydraulic calipers:

Shimano Hydraulic Brakes 

These are a direct fit for the Sondors "Original", Sondors "Thin", and Sondors "X" bikes.  A full hydraulic setup with brake switches installed and ready to plug in.

Juintech Brakes

Bolton Hydraulic Calipers  A popular upgrade for any ebike, the hydraulic calipers add significant stopping power without the hassle of a difficult installation.  Simply remove the stock calipers and replace them!  Your brake levers, steel lines, etc all remain in place.  Super easy and quick to install.

4.  Batteries - if you want more range or power, then upgrading the battery can help!  Changing to a 52v battery will increase top speed slightly, whereas increasing amp hours (ah) will increase overall range.  We do not have a "plug and play" battery, but many have changed the stock battery connector and used one of our "triangle" shaped lithium batteries.  

5.  Spare parts!  Sometimes you just need to keep things working and need some replacement parts.  All of these are compatible with the Sondors bikes:

Extension Cables

Pedal Assist (PAS) Sensor

Single Piece (PAS) Sensor

Rim Strips

Fat Bike Tubes

Fat Bike Suspension Fork

Replacement LCD Cap

7.  Tools - It's a good idea to have the right tools for the job!

Bolton Ebikes Multi-Tool

Ebike Tester