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YouTube Q & A | EP 44

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I am so thankful that you’re here and that you’re here to learn more about electric bikes. I hope that you learn something from every single episode.

I am brainstorming questions and new topics and video ideas, all sorts of bits of information all the time. But today the podcast episode comes from YOU. Maybe not you specifically, but somebody like you. I don't have a guest on today or anything, but what I decided to do, because we have so many comments on YouTube is just go through and pick out 10 random questions from YouTube with no preparation whatsoever and answer them.

So if you want to hear some good and also some ridiculous questions from the YouTube channel and the answers to those ebike questions, stick around. This is the Bolton eBikes Podcast.

In this episode, you’ll get answers to questions and topics like: 

  • What are some interesting questions that have been asked on YouTube?
  • How I decide which ebikes to review and why not every bike is part of that. 
  • Answers about pedal assist, motors, and battery capacity. 
  • More info on extending range. 
  • Why I sometimes put out videos that are funny and don’t have any other reason than that. 
  • And so much more fun and insight into ebikes! 

Thanks again for listening to The Bolton EBikes podcast. I hope you enjoyed that or learned something from this episode. I hope you always learn something out of these episodes about electric bikes. If you have a question, of course, you can always email us directly and you can always go check out the YouTube channel and ask in the comments there. I’ve included a link in the show notes. There's a lot of people commenting. Maybe they're asking questions or maybe they're answering your questions, but we do read those. We try to get back to as many of those as possible. If you're here for the first time, or if you haven't done it yet, make sure to go to ebike podcast dot com sign up for our podcast newsletter.

That way you’ll know when new episodes come out. I released a couple of tidbits today about new videos that are going to come out like the Hemingway review. And I love sharing upcoming things on the podcast that you don't get to hear about anywhere else. Thanks again for listening. I'll be back hopefully to talk in your ear.

Maybe there will be another corn joke on an upcoming Tuesday.


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  • I am very interested in your continued research and development of the Juiced controller. Will this be compatible across the board for the Juiced products? I am particularly interested in a controller for the RipCurrent S configuration. Also, any torque sensor upgrades would be nice.

    Kevin on

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