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Why Area 13? | EP 104

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to another episode of, well, actually not The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. If you haven't heard the news, we have changed our name. It is now Area 13.

I want it to take this time to talk about why this change happened? Give you a little bit of the background, the story, because this probably came out of the blue for many of you. And I also want to reassure you that nothing is actually changing behind the scenes.

I'm still the owner of the company. Our employees are not changing. Our physical location is not changing.

This really is just a name, change a rebranding of the company. So I want to take some time to basically tell you the story of how this happened. How did we get here, when Bolton Ebikes has been such a big part of what we're doing with electric bikes?

I am Kyle Chittock, The owner of Area 13 Electric Bikes. Our new slogan is, Electric bikes that are out of this world. Hopefully that will all make sense if you're not already picking up on all of the little hints and things already. So, yeah, let's kind of jump into this a little bit.

In this episode you'll learn more about: 

  • Why did we change our electric bicycle company name?
  • How did we come up with Area 13?
  • What has been the process of the brand and name change?
  • What steps we took and how long the process took to protect the empire we had built. 
  • You'll hear some of the comments from our viewers and listeners about the name change.
  • What you can expect from Area 13 and why this is a positive thing. 
  • And so much more!

Thanks again for listening to the podcast. Again, I'm Kyle owner of Area 13, and I will talk to you on another Tuesday.

Make sure to go to ebike podcast dot com. If you haven't already, sign up for our newsletter so you get emails when new episodes come out. I will talk with you on another Tuesday.

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