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Where Are Ebikes Made? | EP 20

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Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes podcast. Things have been going crazy for ebikes. It's totally awesome, but today I have a question that I am going to make my best attempt to answer. It's one I've been getting a lot on my YouTube channel in particular, and it's something that I feel important that we address and I want to make people aware that I'm thinking about it.

I am definitely aware of it, maybe more than you think, and you're not going to believe some of the things that I'm about to tell you. So stick around. This is going to be a really interesting one about where ebikes are made.

During this episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • Where ebikes are made and why.
  • What the FTC has to do with that “Made In America” sticker you may have seen on so many products. 
  • Why so many, if not all ebike companies use companies from around the world for their inventory, assembly, and more.
  • What products you are familiar with and probably use everyday that are not made in the USA. 
  • And so much more!

And I look forward to talking about this more because I will, I promise. So make sure you stay tuned. If you haven't been subscribed to the podcast, you're not getting my weekly emails. Make sure to go to e-bike and sign up. Once again, that's I want to make sure you're back every week because sometimes we have people on here that are industry experts talking about ebikes.

They have all sorts of awesome things to say. Sometimes the customers, sometimes they're people just like you, and who knows. Even if you don't have an ebike, I might even want you on the show, so stay tuned.

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  • After listening to this podcast, I looked up Hi Power Cycles (AKA HTC). The list their batteries as being made in the USA, but show their bikes now as “Unlike most other e-bike brands, we proudly engineer and build our bikes in the USA. By performing the final assembly in house, we are able to completely oversee the quality and performance of every bike we ship out!” (direct from their site).

    So… sounds like their have reworded their original claim to be more in compliance with the FTC, but the sentiment is still the same – American built means better. And while I may agree that in some cases that may be true, it is certainly not in all cases. Your cellphone analogy is a perfect case in point.

    BTW, love the Blackbird.Still wrapping my head around the look of the front fender, but the other compopnents and design are very, very appealing. Great design and component selection for a more than fair price!

    Eddie Stewart on
  • Kyle,

    Thank you for your excellent podcasts. I do think by adhering to the legal definition of “Made in USA” your losing the nuance of the world economy. No consumer technology can meet the standard the FTC established decades ago. To me, if a bike’s frame is built in the USA, and they put components on it from all over the world, let them say “Made in the USA”. Or if you want to adhere to FTC lore, “Assembled in the USA”

    John Rutkai on
  • Love it and thanks. I’m also interested in your new warthog. But I’m also looking at a rad rover. I’m liking all the parts and accessories you can buy for it. I was wondering if you have a advantages of the warthog over the rover list or video. Maybe that would be a good subject to go over for everyone. May also help sell the warthog over a rad bike. Thanks again. Keep the good stuff you do coming 🚲.

    Michael Searing on
  • Nice and honest. Personally I care about the quality of the items I purchase much more than the price. All too often people buy the cheapest thing they can and then they complain that it broke.

    Michael Horton on
  • Another entertaining podcast for me to relax and listen to. Both me and my wife ride igo extremes, but my next bikes will be purchased from you . Like the gentleman before me I’m Canadian so American built is not an issue. Only quality and price along with good fair wages for the people making them. We all want to live .

    Richard Drouillard on

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