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Weight Loss with Ebikes featuring Marc Edwards | EP 93

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Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. Every once in a while I do episodes that are just me, or you get to hear me talk about whatever ebike thing I want to talk about. And then sometimes we have industry experts, somebody from another bike company. And then every once in a while we get somebody who is just somebody who loves ebikes and has a really great story to tell.

So today is one of those days where we've got, I think, a really incredible story that Sam mentioned online in an ebike group, and I wanted to know more about, so we've got Mark from California on the podcast today. 

I'm your host, Kyle Chittock and I am the owner of Bolton eBikes.

You're listening to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • How Marc changed his health and his life with ebikes.
  • He is out there for a high cadence and heart rate in order to reach his health and lifestyle goals. Not necessarily speed. 
  • He began his journey not knowing much about ebikes to now loving everything about them. 
  • What helps him stay on track with his lifestyle and how he has gotten his family involved. 
  • How much weight he has lost by riding his ebike to work in the matter of 1 year. 
  • What he carries with him on his ebike rides. 
  • And so much more! 

Thanks everybody for listening to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I hope you learned something from Mark. That was a great interview. Lots of interesting things to share. He's really putting the miles on his ebikes and you know, hopefully that's an inspiration if you are in a dense city area.

And even if it's not a dense city area, sometimes there are situations where an ebike is actually faster than driving and in my opinion, much more fun. Obviously there's the whole exercise component, which is a big reason why I wanted to talk to Mark today. It was great to hear more details about that process and and Wow! What a, what a transformation! Obviously, results, are not typical, like, you know, little subtitles on those commercials, but I just really wanted to hear more about that and how that happened. So thanks again for listening. I will be back on another episode every week on Tuesdays. 

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  • Outstanding…
    I went to college, and worked in downtown Los Angeles for 30-years combined. I am a life long bicycle rider. I wish ebikes we’re mainstream back when I commuted…
    So inspiring, Mark!
    I ride to Seal Beach, on the Coyote Creek, and Rio Hondo Bicycle Trails and hope to meet you sometime. I will be looking for a fit couple on an E-tandem. (Unusual)
    Thank you Kyle for such inspiration from your podcast. I will use this as a tool to inspire my aging friends.

    Dave Endo on
  • Great episode, I did a similar story.

    Don D Donner on
  • Inspiring story. Thanks for sharing Marc!

    Jerry on

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