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Upgrade Your Ebike | EP 11

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Hey everybody! Welcome back to The Area 13 Ebikes Podcast. A place where you can learn all about electric bikes. Let’s get into another episode, talking about upgrades. 

Now for you to understand what I mean about upgrades, I think I need to backtrack just a little bit and let you know why I even sell upgrades for other bikes because often people come across my website Area 13 Ebikes dot com and they see the bikes that I sell. And then they see that I sell controllers, and brakes, and motors and things that are compatible with other brands of electric bikes.

During this episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • What Kyle did to assist customers with upgrading their ebikes so they didn’t have to purchase a new ebike for his competitor’s brands. 
  • How he was able to understand more about a popular brand and what he figured out by taking it apart. 
  • What he realized was missing for their customers and what he created based on that. 
  • How to rate ebikes on their speed, torque, and power. Why there is more to those numbers and what they actually do. 
  • What The Upgrade Kit will do for your bike. 
  • How much power do you have to go up hills with that The Upgrade Kit?
  • What the display does in The Upgrade Kit and why it is so important. 
  • How you might be able to upgrade your Juiced Brand of bikes and other brands. 

Thank you so much for listening to The Area 13 Ebikes podcast. I love all the reviews I get for the show. If you’ve been listening for a while and you have not left a review please do so. I love all those 5 star reviews especially and like I’ve said many times before, I do read every single one. Now if you want email notifications when new podcast episodes come out, make sure to go to

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  • I have been learning alot from these podcasts! Thanks so much for the content!

    Mike Johnson on
  • Hello,
    Just wanted to say good podcast. I watch your youtube postings and think that you are very good at presenting your knowledge base. Its refreshing to know I can trust you as a reliable source for information. Thanks👍

    Dustin M. on
  • 5 star very informative, one of the better podcast I have listened to..

    James A Forrest on
  • Hi Kyle,,

    Thanks for another great Podcast. Sure hope that you’re have some good news soon about the in-stock arrival of not only the 35A Controllers for those of us that have Pre-Ordered them, but also the larger true Drop-In 750 Watt motors compatible with the 2.8" Tired 2017 RadWagon.


    John Bruce on
  • Hi Kyle, I did the complete upgrade to my 2017 Rad Mini Motor,Controller, Color Display. I’m just about dialed in on the settings, the only issue I’m having is the motor drops out on FULL Throttle. I’m not sure this will happen on a full charge but definitely when down just 1 bar. Should I be looking at C setting #5 to correct this issue? I’m currently using C5 at setting 2. Let me know your comments. Thanks for the Pod Casts.

    Brian McHale on

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