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Upgrade Do's And Don'ts | EP 57

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Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I am Kyle Chittock, your host, and the owner of Bolton Ebikes. And I have talked a lot about upgrading bikes over the last few years. I've put out videos about controller upgrades, battery upgrades, and more, but I still get a lot of questions coming in asking things like, Can I increase the amp on this particular bike? Can I change the motor on this particular bike? And I just want to give you some baseline guideline type rules that you can follow to know are these upgrades that you can do? Or not. So if you have any interest in upgrading your electric bike and then stick around, we're going to jump into it, answer some questions here and give you more knowledge about electric bikes.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • The dos and don’ts of upgrading your electric bike.
  • Can you easily go up in voltage?
  • His explanation of watt hours. 
  • Will it cause damage to your bike to increase the amp hours?
  • What is compatible and what isn’t as far as batteries, motors, and controllers? 
  • Why it’s important to understand how everything works together and why you don’t want to simply “max out”.
  • How to change your motor out and what is involved. 
  • And so much more! 

Your ebike is a thing you can hold onto for a long time. Upgrade them over time with new batteries, new controllers, new displays, as new things come out and bikes are going to keep changing quickly. But, hopefully with this little lesson here today, it gives you some information on how you can upgrade your bike and what you can or can't do now when it comes to the rest of the components such as brakes and things like that. I do have other episodes about that. So if you haven't heard those, I've got a great one where I go into all the nitty gritty details about the different kinds of brakes and what can be installed on electric bikes.

You can go check that episode out and if there's something that I missed or something you have questions about, then make sure to send us an email and maybe we can cover that in a future episode. Thanks again for listening. If you're not on our email list for new podcast episodes, make sure to go to e bike podcast dot com and sign up. 

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  • Hi Kyle,
    Thanks for this podcast – you did a great job of making a somewhat complicated topic understandable. I own a Himiway Cruiser with a 25A controller and would like to know a couple things about upgrading it. First, even though my 750W motor isn’t a Bafang, would your Rad controller upgrade kit marry up with the Himiway? From your presentation, I’m sensing the answer is NO given the wiring issue. I’m hoping for a “plug & play” solution like you’ve done for the Rad bikes ideally. I know it comes down to potential sales volume & have no idea about what that could be, but would love it if you developed a Himiway conversion kit. Perhaps you could get in touch with the Himiway folks and do something jointly with or for them. Thanks!

    John Hanlin on
  • Hi Kyle, thanks for another informative blog. I’m interested in upgrading my lights. I have a 2020 RAD City step-through, I’m still upset with RAD for the battery key bit so I refuse to do any more business with them, including upgrades. I’d like brighter front and rear lights… but where to start? Maybe, just maybe, a tutorial from you on inter-changeability? Including items you carry.

    JG on
  • THANK YOU KYLE!! I wish I would have known you two years ago, I could have saved a lot of trial and error.
    The information on the batteries and motors was understandable. Question is….if most bikes are 750W motor couldn’t you just upgrade the controller to tell the motor to go faster ( 35-40 amps ) and of course a pretty upgraded display with color. From what I understand most come with a controller that limits it to 25A, and this also limits your speed. LOVE YOUR BIKES!

    Jimmy Sayer on
  • Upgraded my earlier model Bolton Ebike, one of first wth 750W motor, but now I want to up grade and have to sell my current Bolton. So is there a market for used bikes? I can’t get interest even taking a 50% loss on $2400 bike. Are all bikes like this? Sure different from motorcycles

    Dante on
  • Thanks for this Kyle, addressed many of the questions I had. Being ‘Downunder’ it’s not practical to purchase direct from you. I am looking at direct purchase from China. My current ebike is a Trek 4500 fitted with a Dillenger kit with a 500W geared hub – not sure of the brand.

    Robert Breen on

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