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Tubeless Tires | EP 52

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Hey everybody. It's the Bolton EBikes Podcast. I am Kyle Chittock, the owner of Bolton Ebikes. And your host. I want to tell you a little bit about tubeless tires. What does that mean? If you don't know anything about tubeless tires, then you're in the right spot today. I'm going to explain what that means, what it takes to have a tubeless bicycle in why you might want it in the first place.

This is a term that's been thrown around a lot lately, at least for me, because we have two bikes. Now, at least we're selling two bikes when we have them that have tubeless-ready, rims and tubeless, ready tires, and often people are asking me, What does that actually mean? Or How does that work? How do you have a bicycle tire?

Setting it up and how does it hold air? How do you pump it up? There are so many questions. So I do have a video that's being filmed in the near future. So if you want a detailed, how-to that shows you how this works. I highly recommend checking out that video on the YouTube channel. But today, I'm just going to teach you some of the basics.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • What exactly are tubeless tires?
  • How to set up tubeless tires?
  • What are the benefits of having tubeless tires?
  • Can I convert my current tires to tubeless tires easily?
  • Are we putting out any videos on The Bolton Ebikes YouTube Channel to show you how to set up tubeless tires?
  • Will tubeless tires make a difference with my rolling resistance?
  • Why you might want tubeless tires for your ebike.
  • And so much more!

So I hope that helps and gives you a little bit more information on why you might want tubeless tires and whether or not you think that's a benefit for you. I think most people would agree after learning a little bit more, it's certainly worth a try.

Thanks again for listening to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I really do appreciate all of you. I always like to talk about bike giveaways and what's going on with the most recent one. We had a little glitch where some people weren't able to enter their email address. We were able to get that fixed and extended the giveaway timeframe.

Hopefully, that allowed everyone the chance to inter. And if not, just be aware that the video is coming out soon for the electric bike company model R, and that is a bike we're giving away. So make sure you're on our email list so we can send you a link to that giveaway. If you're not on that list, you can do that by going to

Once again, that's I will talk with you again next Tuesday.

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  • Had a flat on my new Raptor with tubeless ready wheels and learned a lesson. These still have tubes and I pulled out the tube and patched it. We have lots of thorn opportunities here and I found & removed offending thorn from the tire and reassembled. A few minutes later the tire was flat? Pulled the tube back out and it was good. Re-assembled and during the inflation I had an epiphany. I press hard on the valve stem from the back side to hold it against the air chuck until there is adequate pressure. Because the tire and rim are tubeless ready, there was enough seal around the valve stem to contain the air volume already in the tire. You get a hard tire but the volume is shared and once the tire portion leaks out, you have a partial fake flat! Pushed the bead of the tire off with my finger, just a small break, hit the stem on the tube again so it fills up the tire and everything is good. Might still have to adjust once everything evens out again.

    Larry Redding on
  • Great Topic! very informative. These “balloon style” 3 inch plus tires on our ebike’s have many benefits. However, in my experience these tires are more susceptible to flats. When I first purchased my first ebike, I had 4 flats in the same month and was only riding on a dedicated paved bike trail here in Arizona.
    Luckily my bike is Mid-drive and removing and replacing the rear wheel is MUCH easier when having to replace a tube. Hub drives are bit more time consuming since you have to deal with the motor cables, etc..

    I looked into a tubeless conversion, but quickly realized the cost associated with it. Since I just purchases a expensive ebike, the wife, was not so keen on letting me drop another $700 on tubeless wheels and tire setup. I did look at all those “Gorilla tape” hacks, but I just did not commit. Honestly, after more research, I realized tubeless has some ongoing maintenance associated with it as you mentioned in your podcast. I’m more of the “d -it-forget-it” type of person.

    Long story short, I think you should consider Tannus Armour tire inserts as an option on your ebikes. I have had ZERO flats for over 800 miles! I do not work for Tannus or associated with them in any way, but like you, I like to give honest opinions that will benefit the ebike community. They have many types of inserts, I have been very successful with the insert that goes in between the tube and tire. Simple idea but works great. As they say “its like a helmet for your tubes”.

    I think you can do a whole video on these..

    Keep up the great Podcast and videos!

    Peykan Beyrami on
  • Tubeless tires. 11 years of experience with them. At one time I thought they were the absolute way forward. More than ten years on now and I have to say that I was completely wrong. They simply won’t work without a liquid sealer. Eventually, the sealer dries out leaving you with hard, cracked, VERY difficult to remove, crud that will prevent the tires from sealing to the rims (no matter how much additional sealer you apply) until the old sealer is removed (an hours-long process) from the rims where it has dried like concrete. Unlike an automobile tire, the tubeless bike tires do NOT offer a margin of safety by losing air slowly after a puncture. They deflate almost instantly, just like a tube-type tire. Side of the road repair? Forget that. You’ll need additional liquid sealer, a new tire, and a rapid/flash inflator to obtain an initial seal at the bead. You will have disgusting sealer goo all over you, your clothing, and the bike. The tubeless rims are significantly more expensive than regular rims, and offer less interior space for seating and unseating the tire. Tubeless tires have NO demonstrable longer wear in actual use. None. My wife and I have more than 40,000 kilometers of real life tubeless tire experience. The ONLY advantage (dubious – because of the additional repair materials needed for roadside repairs) is in weight when compared to traditional tire & tube combinations. Roadside repairs? Yeah, carry a spare tube just like you already do and a roll of paper towels and a jug of solvent to get the sealer crap off of you and your bike. Between us, my wife and I have 6 bikes, all with tubeless rims, and ALL are now running only tube & tire combinations. I wouldn’t have tubeless tires as a GIFT on any bike that I ride.

    Charles Valenzuela on
  • Great podcast! Thanks Kyle

    james fasso on
  • Always great content. I appreciate the knowledge. That you are giving to inform a novice as myself great information. Thank you Kyle and the Bolton Podcast.

    Peter Mays on

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