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Transforming Transportation with Chris Nolte, Founder of Propel Bikes | EP 103

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Hey everybody! Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. I've got Chris Nolte coming on the show today from Propel. You might recognize that name. If you've been looking around at different ebikes, different websites or more so even different content. He is also another ebike shop owner and and a Youtuber so that's pretty exciting to have somebody else doing this as well. He met up with Jessica at one of the events in Arizona, and I'm thankful that she was able to get us connected and get this started. So let's jump right into it. And here again from Chris Nolte with Propel.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • How Chris Nolte got started with bikes and what challenges he ran into right away. 
  • How Chris has lobbied to understand and support ebikes within NYC and how he has been involved in People For Bikes to influence greater access for ebikes. 
  • What recent events have brought more attention to the future of ebikes and how that can impact you as a rider. 
  • A discussion of how we are on the same page with our passion for ebikes and why that makes a difference for you when you’re looking for an ebike over other shops. 
  • The psychological benefits Chris has experienced by riding ebikes 
  • What changes he has seen over time and what he has used from those learning experiences. 
  • Why he is passionate about cargo models and ebikes to help transform transportation. 
  • What Chris finds important when sharing his passion and purpose with his audience.  
  • and so much more!

Thank you everybody for listening to the podcast today! I hope you enjoyed that and learned something from it. I feel like I learned some. Every single time I interview somebody from another ebike company. I know it seems a little bit crazy to review other people's bikes to talk to other ebike companies, but I think that's what we all should be doing.

So that way we're making and producing the best bikes we possibly can for you. Because I don't know, talking to you, whoever's listening. What sort of bike you want, but certainly you're going to tell me at some point, or are you going to tell somebody like Chris, what you want and hopefully we can help provide them.

Make sure to go to ebike podcast dot com. If you haven't already, sign up for our newsletter so you get emails when new episodes come out. I will talk with you on another Tuesday.

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  • Thank you Kyle for another great interview. I’ve been watching Chris’s videos for a while. He is a great resource like you!

    Bob Burns on

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