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Tool Library | EP 82

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes podcast. I'm your host, Kyle Chittock, the owner of Bolton Ebikes and always trying to either hopefully teach you something about electric bikes or share with you an idea I have that might improve. The situation with electric bikes. I might need your feedback on this idea.

This is the first time I'm sharing it publicly. So stick around. I think this is going to be really interesting.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • Why getting a simple repair done at a local bike shop has been taking a lot more time lately.
  • What do you need to work on your bike if you can’t get a bike shop to assist you?
  • Is it worth it to drive a few hours to get your ebike repaired or worth it to do it yourself. 
  • What we do to work with local bike shops when further assistance is required beyond our technical support via email and phone. 
  • How we are going to empower you to repair your ebike without the added expense of purchasing a tool you may never use again. 
  • Tell us if you like the idea or have any questions, concerns, thoughts, and suggestions to info@boltonebikes with the subject “Podcast on Tool Library”.

Thank you for listening to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. As always, if you're not on an email list, go to E bike podcast dot com and sign up. Once again, That's ebike podcast dot com. Otherwise you can always come back right here every Tuesday for a new episode of The Bolton Ebikes Podcast.

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  • Kyle Your idea of tool rental sounds like a fine idea, But please keep in mind there are many of us that love to have tools at hand for everything. I would like to have a one stop shop for all the special tools for e-bikes to buy and have in my tool box. The wife and I both have a bike, and talking of adding two more . I do all my own repairs. Zink

    Zink on
  • I like to replace my e bike w a new model like the black bird batt use a 2 batt I own a rad robber w 10 000 miles

    Rafael Serrano on
  • Great idea Kyle

    james church on
  • Kyle, tool kits would be a nice marketing aspect for Bolton Bikes. My concern would be getting a tool that is damaged. You would also need to spec in the fine print that the person renting the kits will also be responsible for damage. I have worked in the biomedical field for many years. What I have learned is that there are people who think they know how to use the tools but end up damaging them. I would think financially and functionally, a membership charge would be the best for your company as you would have better control.

    Roy Hinds on
  • Kyle, Just listened to the pod cast on a Tool Library.
    This is a Great idea. Boarding on Genus idea.
    This hits home for me.I have a Big Cat , Fat Cat Fat Tire electric bike. That I Bought used. I have done a few up grades. Like up grading my mechanical Brakes to the M31 Hydrolic cable operated Brakes. Thanks it has saved me countless hours of fiddling with the cheap Brakes that came with the Bike.
    Now I would like to the front fork with a suspension fork. After looking over a few videos I realize Inwould need some specialized tools to do the change
    Add me to the list that you could use as a test case.
    Hope this can work

    Douglas on

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