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Too Much Fun with Mike | EP 19

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Thanks, everybody for coming back to another episode of The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. The place where we talk about electric bikes, we get to meet interesting, exciting people who are either riding bikes, building bikes, or building batteries. You never know what it's going to be. Today I have a special guest and he is here in person with me, which is pretty exciting.

I would say he's a long time customer because he came around too. My shop before Bolton eBikes the name even existed. So really excited to talk to him and hear what he has to say about e-bikes.

During this episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • How Mike found Bolton Ebikes and how that changed his life and fitness. 
  • Where he has taken his bike that you might not expect. 
  • What accessories he really enjoys on his bike and some fun stories to go with it. 
  • Why he thinks riding an ebike makes the exercise worthwhile, especially for someone who is “old” as he puts it. 
  • And so much more!

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  • Now that was one wide ride. I giggled pretty much through the entire podcast. Kyle, you could not get a word in edgewise. My favorite episode yet!

    Ed on
  • Wow, Did the guy ever come up for a breath? Informative but my brain needs time to process what people are saying! Good Podcast…..

    Bill Hawkins on
  • Entertaining as aslways

    Richard Drouillard on
  • This is one of the most entertaining of the podcasts. Not the most informative but most interesting. Probably because like Jim I’m old also.

    Steven Howard on
  • I ordered The Blackbird the moment I watched that video last week. Thank You Mike for sharing what it’s like to have a well built, reliable Bolton Ebike. I am looking for mind to be a story maker too.

    A.Blanco on

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