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The Future Of Batteries with Patrick Duggan | EP 4

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Today we have another special guest on the show. This is Patrick Duggan from HI-C Battery. If you need a battery expert, then this is the guy that you need to go to. Welcome to The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. 

On today’s episode, you’ll get answers to questions and topics like: 

  • What HI-C Battery is and what it has to do with ebikes?
  • What Patrick suggests when you want to upgrade your battery, even if it might be on an older ebike. 
  • Why Patrick doesn’t have “range anxiety” on his ebike. 
  • How many volts can be built into a battery for an ebike?  
  • What you can do if you need a battery rebuilt (the right way).
  • More information on what classifies a light electric vehicle.
  • What new technologies Patrick predicts will be coming out in the near future and why you need to be on top of this news. 
  • What energy density he predicts by 2025.
  • The 1 thing Patrick says will increase the range. 
  • Patrick’s recommendation for charging your battery.
  • Why it’s very important to not go for the best deal for a battery online.

Thank you so much for listening to the show. Remember when you're riding your ebike, don't crash and have fun! 

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  • It is great to hear we have somewhere to go to get our batteries rebuilt. Wow get a fresh, upgraded battery for half the price is awesome. Living in Cheyenne Wyoming we go down to Denver often and know all too well about its crazy traffic. Looking at their bike routs, it does make more sense taking an ebike out for an errand than a car. Or perhaps just finding something new.

    Michael Ediger on
  • Very useful information on batteries for e-bikes. Great podcast! (y)

    Clancy Carney on
  • I definitely would love to learn about which battery packs are of low quality and which ones are of high quality.

    Blaise Gauba on
  • Very informative

    Richard Drouillard on
  • Good stuff maynard! 😁 still looking for silicon in the future. EBikes are the future and battery manufacturers will boom, size will shrink and power is on the increase.

    Robert Noah on

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