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The Blackbird Step Thru | EP 113

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Hello Everybody! Welcome back to another episode of The Area 13 Ebikes Podcast. This is THE BEST Ebike Podcast on the internet! We share information to help you stay educated on upcoming events, ebike technology, news in the industry, and what you need to know as an ebike owner. 

We may not have met before - or maybe you’ve joined us on a LIVE on The Area 13 Ebikes Channel and interacted with me. Either way, I’m glad you’re here. 

I’m Jessica, part of the awesome team at Area 13. 

On today’s episode, I’m sharing more information on The Blackbird - designed by Area 13’s owner, Kyle. 

Except this model has a feature or two that you’ve wanted that will add to your comfortability and increase your fun factor. Times 1000. With the temperatures heating up - you're going to want to ride this!

This is the Area 13 Ebikes Podcast.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • What makes The Blackbird Step Thru different from the previous models?
  • What are the main things you need to look for when finding your ebike regarding the fit and comfortability?
  • Why is a step thru model better than a step over?
  • What does The Blackbird Step Thru come with and why are these things important?
  • Where can you find the LIVE video review on The Blackbird Step Thru?
  • Learn how you can pre-order this awesome ebike!
  • What are some things that customers have mentioned they need when they are looking for an ebike?
  • And so much more! 

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I appreciate hearing from so many of you via phone and email that you are enjoying the show and getting so much out of it. If you have any suggestions for future podcast episodes, you can always email us at info at Area 13 Ebikes Dot Com. 

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