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Snapcycle Review | EP 80

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Hey everybody! Welcome back. It's another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast, and I get to talk about another electric bike company today. Sometimes I have a guest today is just solo. Just me, just you and a company called Snapcycle. This is The Bolton Ebikes podcast. I'm Kyle Chittock, your host and the owner of Bolton Ebikes.

And let's jump right into an episode about a brand new bike company, Snapcycle. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • Does it have the power they claim? How does it actually ride? 
  • What about the value for the money, is it worth it?
  • What is the investment for The Snapcycle?
  • What is the warranty and shipping costs?
  • Who is this bike best for as far as riding style and height range?
  • What is the battery range?
  • What are the components that were surprising on The Snapcycle? 
  • Ease of setup for The Snapcycle after unboxing.
  • And so much more! 

 And I still have the R1 that I used in the review, and I haven't decided what I'm going to do with that bike yet, because Snapcycle was kind enough to provide not one but, two ebikes for free. One of them is here at the shop. That's what I'm using for the review.

There's a chance I might put that up on ebike, which if you don't know, is our buy and sell website for used electric bikes. Anybody can post their bike. Anybody can hop on the website and check out used ebikes for sale in their area. Once again, that's e bike search dot com. Now the second bike they didn't send to me because that is going to one of you.

So whoever is going to win the bike, They're going to get it shipped direct from Snapcycle brand new to you. It’s never touched the dirt at Bolton Ebikes for a review. It’s a hundred percent brand new bike is what you're going to win. So make sure to go check out the show notes for this podcast episode. Follow those links.

Enter to win a free bike because who doesn't love a free electric bike. Thanks again to Snapcycle for providing the bikes for this podcast episode and for the live ebike review. I really do appreciate it and I wish you guys the best of luck and the best success with your bikes. They look great. I really love the style and the frame design.

And I can't wait to see what happens from here. 

Thank you for listening to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. As always, if you're not on an email list, go to E b ike podcast dot com and sign up. Once again, That's ebike podcast dot com. Otherwise you can always come back right here every Tuesday for a new episode of The Bolton Ebikes Podcast.

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  • Where is the notification page of winners of the ebikes?

    Bill Hawkins on
  • Please have Jessica enter me in the contest to receive one if the Snapcycle ebikes. Even if I don’t win, please let them know that I’m challenging them to test their bike at which is my lakeside community.

    Les Bynum on
  • I want to win a free ebike.

  • The factory default setting for the current limit to the motor was set to 15 amperes which corresponds to around 550W output from the motor, in order to ensure longer range for the bike. This is the reason why you are not getting the full torque as you should be getting from this motor. If anyone would like to have a higher torque, you can simply go to the advanced settings on the LCD and increase the current limit (CUL) on the motor (The password and detailed instructions will be provided upon request. If anyone needs it, please send an email to By doing so, you may sacrifice a bit on your range. We leave it to the end customer to find the right balance that suits your personal preference / need. If anyone is interested in our products, you can subscribe to our official website:

    Snapcycle Inc. on
  • I have a Addmotor Motan M-70 R7
    What I want to know is?
    Do have anything for it?

    Carlton Boswell on

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