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People for Bikes with Dr. Ash Lovell | EP 99

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to another episode of The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I have a guest today who is really, I would say, into electric bikes, but also really involved and knows a lot of people in the bike industry. So today I've got Dr. Ash Lovell from People For Bikes. We're going to just kind of talk to her about the ebike industry.

Some of the things that are really exciting that she is doing in the future and something that Jessica just went to recently, and that's how this whole connection was made. So definitely stay tuned and stick around. This is going to be a good one.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • What role Dr. Ash Lovell plays at People for Bikes and why she is so passionate about her work within the worldwide biking community.
  • The importance that People for Bikes has placed on the safety of all bike riders and what they are doing to support that. 
  • A discussion on the different classes of bikes and what 
  • What their thoughts are on the ebike tax credit and the impact the Ebike Act would have for all ebike owners and future riders. 
  • Where you can get updates on The Ebike Tax Credit. 
  • What she finds is the biggest benefit of ebikes and why this is changing everyone’s lives in many positive ways.
  • And so much more! 

Thank you very much for being a guest on the podcast today. I appreciate your time. I'm sure that we will be in touch more in the future. Definitely for anybody that's listening yet, go to People For Bikes Dot Org to  check out the resources. Thanks again for everybody listening and make sure to come back on another Tuesday, as we're always bringing you some more interesting ebike content.

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  • Tax credit including in a multi trillion dollar spending plan. This should be a stand alone piece of legislation.

    Wayne S Howarth on
  • The question on the three classes and the origin of those classes I think the answer is like most questionable laws and regulations. A bunch of uninformed or ill informed bureaucrats sat down and came up with these classes without involving people from the industry or user base.

    Wayne S Howarth on

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