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Never Stop Climbing with Dan Fischer of Cyber Bike

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Hey Everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I've got another guest from an ebike company today. Now I haven't seen their bikes in person yet. Hopefully that's something that happens in the near future, but I have Dan Fisher from Cyber Bike. So we're going to learn about what he does, what's his opinion on ebikes and how they are changing things.

What sort of bikes do they make? 

I think this will be an interesting conversation and a great way to get to know another ebike company.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • How Cyber Bikes got started. 
  • What bikes Cyber Bikes specializes in. 
  • What are more of the popular models they have right now and who are the types of people that buy them.
  • What is something he is really proud of on his ebikes that he feels makes them different from others. 
  • He talks about how to get more from your bike with the PAS and throttle. 
  • What his bikes are compared to in the ebike market.
  • Where his ebikes will be available in the future and what they cost. 
  • Who his typical customers are and what they might already be into. 
  • What riders need to consider when getting back into riding an ebike and how to effectively take care of your investment. 

Thank you to everybody that is listening to the podcast today. I hope you enjoyed the show and you'll come back for more awesome ebike topics every Tuesday. If you're new to the podcast, sign up for our email newsletter at ebike podcast dot com so you can get the information on our show every week. You'll get the inside scoop on upcoming episodes and by being on our email list, we'll share upcoming youtube videos and other industry news too! 

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