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Medical Mystery Solved with Kyle Chittock, Owner of Area 13 Ebikes | EP 115

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Hey, Everybody! Welcome back to a very important episode of the Area 13 Ebikes Podcast. If you're new to The show, this is THE place where you can learn all about electric bikes, products related to them, the people behind the scenes, and more!

I'm Jessica, part of The team at Area 13 and today, we have a very special guest. For our regular listeners, this may be a bit different than you are used to hearing. But, as we’ve all seen - business and life can often intersect. We are authentic in our content and know that this is valuable to you too. 

So on today’s episode, you’ll hear from Kyle, the owner of Area 13, Share more about the recent medical mysteries he has encountered. This was not easily shared, but it is very important. And it will certainly give you insight into the arduous journey he has experienced so far. 

This is the Area 13 Ebikes Podcast.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • What Kyle has been through and why you haven’t seen him too much on YouTube. 
  • What led him to his medical discovery.
  • What he has learned about his recovery and the steps he is taking to get back on track. 
  • How many doctors he went through to be able to get some answers.
  • What this means for future projects within Area 13 Ebikes.
  • Why you may be seeing more of The Area 13 Ebikes Team Members and what you can expect. 
  • Where can you go watch the original video of this announcement on The Area 13 Ebikes YouTube Channel.

Thank you for listening to The Area 13 Ebikes Podcast. That was certainly a very impactful episode and we’re so grateful that Kyle joined us. 

If you have a guest suggestion, email us at info at Area 13 ebikes dot com. 

Thanks so much for listening. See you next week!

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  • Checking in to see how Kyle is doing?
    Hope he is feeling better.

    Wyn Easton on
  • Get well soon

    Oliver Traynor on
  • Kyle,
    ,I’m sorry to hear about your illness, I pray for your continued progress.
    Dave Volz

    David M Volz on
  • Jessica,
    I thought I listened to this on May 31? It sounds similar to Agent Orange Poison I got in Vietnam. I pray Kyle finds a cure for this!
    GOD Bless,
    Bill Hawkins

    Bill Hawkins on
  • Wow thanks for the amazing podcast “Medical Maystery”. Kyle, your candor, honesty and strength really shone through. I’ve always admired your ability to create your business (E-bike design, build and sales) and combine it with amanzing communication skills. Your podcasts and videos have been inspirational and entertaining. I sincerly hope and know you can get back to where you were. Your enthusiam and love for E-bikes is something the world really needs and will insure your recovery. Thank you.

    Mark on

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