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Make An Impact with David Liniado, CEO and Co-Founder of SWFT | EP 100

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back! It's another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. Thankfully, I've got another ebike company on the podcast today. It's always interesting to interview other owners, CEOs, co-founders, designers, whatever it might be, to see where they started learning about ebikes and what interested them in the industry. 

And when they start a company, you know, what are they doing differently than everybody else? Today, I've got David Liniado, CEO and Co-Founder of SWFT.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • More of the details on their company and The Zip Ebike Model.
  • What were the major shifts David went through to get to where he is and the company is today.
  • What are the top areas of focus for SWFT as a company and why they live by those values. 
  • The partners they have recently brought on to share ebikes with more people. 
  • How they are bringing ebikes to the average household and making it easy to set up and ride without overcomplicating the buying process. 
  • And so much more! 

Thank you very much. And yeah, everybody listening just to check them out SWFT Ebikes I think based on what we've heard so far there, we're probably going to hear more about them as time goes on and make sure if you haven't already sign up for our newsletter for these podcast episodes, you can do that very easily just by going to e bike podcast dot com.

And also don't forget to go subscribe to our YouTube channel. That's where you can see the review on the Zip model. And there'll be links when that review is launched for the giveaway, that's open to anyone in the continental us, no purchase or anything required. You can sign up, you can share it to get more entries, basically a no risk way to win an electric bike. 

Thanks again for listening. And I'll talk with all of you on another Tuesday.

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  • Researched the site. My preference is spend more money and get hydraulic brakes. Great Podcast and wishing Best Buy the best for supporting Ebikes.

    John William Cox on

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