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Jaw Dropping Power with Devin Lindstrom, DDS | EP 13

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Welcome back to the Area 13 Ebikes Podcast. This episode is going to blow your mind. The amount of electricity that we talk about; the watts, the power, you probably haven’t heard of anything quite like this, if you’re just riding around on the normal electric bikes that most of us are used to. There are a few people out there that are really pushing the limits and if you’ve done the research, you may be aware of these. When I talk about an ebike having 1000 watts, that’s nothing compared to what you’re about to hear. This week’s guest, Devin Lindstrom, DDS is here to share more about his love for electric vehicles and how he has pushed the limit of what others think is possible.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about:

  • How Devin was able to develop his knowledge of electric scooter power and how he improved the battery. 
  • What led him to build his first electric bike. 
  • How he kept pushing the limits when building a custom ebikes, motorcycles, and dirtbikes from 1000 to 18,000 watts. 
  • What he did to keep improving the batteries for his new builds. 
  • How he was able to build a motorcycle-based on his years of experience building ebikes. 
  • How he was able to effectively adjust the power using software on his computer. 
  • What he said that encourages others to keep learning and applying that knowledge to their enjoyment of electric bikes. 

Thank you so much for listening to The Area 13 Ebikes Podcast. That was episode #13 with Devin Lindstrom. We will make sure to put a link to his YouTube Channel so you can check out some of his crazy creations or fun things that he is working on. Now, of course if you want to buy something a little bit simpler or if you’re just looking for a more standard electric bike, you can go to Area 13 ebikes dot com. I also want to make sure that you know about my email list, because if you’re not on it, well you should be. Go to to sign up for reminders of the episodes that come out every Tuesday. Because this is episode 13, that means hopefully that means you have listened to a few episodes already. If you haven’t yet, please make sure to leave a review, whether it’s on Apple Podcasts or whatever your favorite platform is. Please make sure to leave me a review. I do appreciate those and I do read every single one. 

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  • When can you ship me an electric bike? —-call 36-371-5297

    larry on
  • When can you ship me a 18,000 wheel controler -charger batt. and throttle ? call now -316-371-5297

    larry on
  • This podcast was awesome! Devin was my neighbor while he was in school at Midwestern! He was a great neighbor (even stopped and helped me while I was moving some rock in my front yard)! His ebike was super fast! Every time I saw him his bike was faster and Devin forgot to mention he wears a full face helmet while riding :) I am happy to hear Devin graduated and is continuing his career as a Dentist, but I miss having him in the neighborhood now that I have joined the hobby of mountain biking and starting to build an ebike to go farther on the trails in Az. Great podcast and information Kyle.

    Eric Miller on
  • Awesome show! Started learning about ebikes for my girlfriend so she could keep up with me but now starting to want one myself.

    Ron Brasel on
  • As an older gentleman I’m more concerned about riding on bike paths and trails with my Class 2 e-bike. I hope there won’t be just too many Class 1 only bike paths. Would it be easy to disable or remove the throttle on my e-bike to conform to any laws for Class 1 only. I know I can unplug the connection, is that good enough or does the throttle have to be removed? Any information about the legal changes to rules would be helpful to.
    Thanks, Errol

    Errol Gettner on

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