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How Ebikes Really Work | EP 6

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In one of the previous episodes, I shared 5 things you should know before you buy an ebikes and those were kind of the basics of how electric bikes work. Now for this episode, we’re going to dive into the technical details - just a little more. I want to give you a fundamental understanding of how ebikes work. 

On this episode you’ll gain insight into: 

  • How to win an ebike! 
  • What is in an ebike battery and what is really inside there?
  • Learn more about how the motor controller is the brains of your ebike. 
  • Learn the different components of your ebike and what that means for the performance you can get out of it. 
  • What in the world does a brushless motor mean and why that is a benefit over a brushed motor?
  • What is on the inside of the mid-drive motor?
  • Is the screen the brains of the ebike or not?
  • What happens when the brakes are engaged?
  • How motors compare to each other. 
  • What you can do if you want to upgrade your ebike. 

Remember to make every day an adventure, have fun and don’t crash.

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  • enjoying all your podcasts

    Dan Erwin on
  • Good stuff. Perhaps for future discussion you can work in the differences in classes and how those may affect the future of e-biking?

    Larry White on
  • Awesome….thanks…very helpful.

    Ed Mackey on
  • Enjoyed the podcast again. Thanks for the information@@

    Gurney Loflin on

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