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Go Fat Or Go Home | EP 8

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Welcome back to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I am our host Kyle Chittock and today I have something very interesting to talk to you about with Fat Bike Tires. So everything you need to know about Fat Ebike Tires, we’re gonna cover that today. Stay tuned and let’s get right to it. 

In this episode, you’ll get answers to your questions and topics such as:

  • Why do fat tires even exist and why are they so popular?
  • Where fat tire bikes can go, where other bikes cannot. 
  • Why so electric bikes are adopting more fat tires over
  • Is a fat tire going to reduct range, compared to a mountain bike? 
  • What is coming up for Bolton Ebikes that will improve your ebike experience? 
  • How bicycle wheels are measured and why that is important
  • What you need to do to gain more traction on snow and sand. 
  • My trick for helping you understand how much of your tire is off the ground.
  • How you can alleviate damage to your tire.
  • What you can do to avoid flats and what products can help with that. 
  • The benefits of fat tires over mountain bike tires. 

Thank you so much for listening to The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. This has been episode #8. I can’t believe we are this far into things already. We have so many good episodes coming up, so many awesome interviews - so make sure to stay tuned, subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform. If you haven’t signed up for my podcast newsletter, basically that’s just an email list where you can get an email every single week that says, here’s the latest podcast episode oh and by the way, here’s how you can enter to win a free ebike. Go to so you can learn how to win one of those free ebikes I’m giving away. If you haven’t left a review, please do! I do love those 5-star reviews and I read every single one. 

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  • Thank you for your podcasts, they are wonderful and so informative.
    I live mid island on Vancouver Island and so not yet own an ebike so
    all the information from you will be invaluable when I finally look to
    go on my buying trip.

    Don Morey on
  • Can’t believe 6 months ago I new nothing about the ebike world,now I can’t get enough info

    Richard Drouillard on
  • Hi Kyle, honestly your videos and podcasts are really informative and knowledgeable. I am totally new to this ‘fun machine’ and honestly have never ridden one yet! Although from India I love following the improvements and transitions ebikes are making especially as I am getting older! I have a couple of queries which may be very obvious to ebikes but new to me! 1. Can ebikes (hub and mid drive) be used as an ordinary bicycle? Will the motor or drive train cause any resistance while pedalling with the motor switched off? 2. Why do some mid drives come without a throttle feature?
    Apologies if they are very basic questions!
    Thanks and all the best! Please do continue with your videos and podcasts..I am watching you!

    Zachariah K M on
  • really great info. are there different types of tread for rock compared to mud or decomposed granite. thanks

    David Ullman on

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