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For The Love Of Ebikes with Robert Noah | EP 9

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Welcome back to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast, Episode #9. I’m your host, Kyle Chittock, and today I have yet another special guest for you. He does not have an ebike store, he doesn’t have an ebike product, he is just another ebike rider, hopefully just like you or maybe a future version of you, who has an ebike. So let’s welcome on, Robert from Louisiana.

In this episode, you’ll get answers to your questions and topics such as:

  • Why Robert fell in love with ebikes, from the first time he tried one out. 
  • What he loves to share with others when it comes to ebikes. 
  • The weekly event that he attends that brings about more connection in his community.
  • What he tells anyone thinking about getting an ebike. 
  • How ebikes can change someone’s life as far as mobility and transportation. 
  • What people can do to make their bike personalized.
  • The benefits of riding an ebike and how it can eliminate traffic problems. 
  • How owning an ebike will change your life.

That was episode number 9 of The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I appreciate Robert coming on and just telling his story. I can just feel his excitement about electric bikes and I hope that you can too through that interview. If you don’t have an ebike, that could be you. You could be just as excited about life as Robert is. So take his advice, “Just buy the bike!” 

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  • I did not understand the name of the Monthly ride Robert does in Dallas on Friday nights. Can you tell me or find out? Might want to join them.

    Terry on
  • I’m old and poor but love the idea of having a E-bike. After I save enough for teeth, the e-bike is next.
    I have a TREX that a friend gave me and I couldn’t live without it. Some days I wish I didn’t have to peddle so hard, there are some steep hills. I don’t drive so bik’in it is my modus aperande’ and feel good, most of the time.
    E-bike are the best idea since the model-A.

    Kirk Childers on
  • Pod cast EP9 hard to understand guest. Bad microphone or whatever.

    Errol Gettner on
  • Another great interview, I mirror his excitement

    Richard Drouillard on
  • Ty again Kyle for having on your show! Life is short, buy the damn (e)bicycle!😉

    Robert Noah on

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