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Explore The Terrain with David Horowitz | EP 10

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Welcome to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. A place where you can learn about electric bikes. You can learn from me, Kyle Chittock, the owner of a bike company called Bolton Ebikes. You can also learn from other industry experts that are doing cool and awesome things with electric bicycles. Now we also get people on the show that are just like you. They enjoy riding ebikes, they love ebikes, and they just want to tell their story about how they use their electric bike. So today I have a special local guest that I am happy to have on the show. I see him in and out of the shop all the time and it’s just a real treat to have him here with us. So let’s get to it - this is The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. 

In this episode, you’ll get answers to your questions and topics such as:

  • Where David has ridden his ebike and what he noticed about the power he has with his bike. 
  • Why specific bikes can have a front suspension fork with a front hub motor and why they aren’t generally recommended on specific ebikes. 
  • What kind of terrain David has explored on his ebike and where his favorite new trails are, now that he has his ebike with those awesome fat tires. 
  • How his bike has handled going up pretty steep hills. 
  • How he gets more range from his battery and the way he adapts his ebike. 
  • The value of exploring your area to get outside more and get back in touch with nature. 
  • How they are looking at growing the community in their local area and how you can start your own. 
  • David’s favorite part about riding an ebike. 
  • What he really appreciates when working with Bolton Ebikes. 
  • What David would love to see in ebikes in the future. 

Thank you so much for listening! Once again that was episode #10. We had David, our local guest here in Grass Valley, California and I just enjoyed him and his experience and how much fun he is having on his ebike. I wish you could see the smile on his face whenever he is out riding. Now if you want to know more about electric bikes, you can always go to my website, If you want to sign up for email notifications for new episodes for this podcast when they come out make sure to go sign up for my newsletter and Simple to remember, once again that’s just Because this is episode number 10, we’ve been going for quite a while. I can’t believe we already have 10 episodes out. Make sure to leave a review for the podcast. I love to hear your feedback. I like to see those 5-star reviews. Please leave one if you can. Once again, thank you for listening. I’ll be back again next Tuesday.  

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