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Ultimate Performance with Pushkar Phatak of WattWagons | EP 98

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I have a pretty awesome guest today. I am really excited to hear a little bit more about his background and how he got into exactly what he does with electric bikes. So let's find out what we can learn from Pushkar Phatak at WattWagons.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • What led to WattWagons being developed and why Pushkar did it. 
  • What he did to build ebikes better than anything he had experienced and why he wanted to take that on.
  • What he feels is the number one reason people buy an ebike and then the second thing they generally consider.
  • The things he had to consider when developing WattWagon ebikes and why he didn’t sacrifice the important details. 
  • How you can get an exclusive WattWagon Ebike with Bolton Ebikes! 
  • And so much more! 

Well, thank you everybody for listening to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. Again, if you are not on our newsletter for the podcast, make sure to go to ebike podcast dot com and that's where you can get emails when new episodes come out.

And of course, like he said, if you want to check out any of those bikes, go to WattWagons dot com. The Cross Tour is also on The Bolton Ebikes Website, so you can place a deposit and reserve yours at Bolton Ebikes dot com and stay tuned for those other sneak peaks of the other new bikes that are coming as well. Thanks again. And I will talk to you all on another Tuesday.

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  • I like that you have become more tech and less sales. I think you will sell more bikes
    by helping guys like me pick the best “

    Moret, Michael on
  • Goodie Yum Yum …

    RoBo the Cop on
  • The thing about Pushkar beyond his knowledge of ebikes is his willingness to share what he knows. I have never asked him a question on the WattWagon website that he did not answer immediately.

    David Wolf on

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