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Increase Your Confidence | EP 108

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Hello, Everyone! Welcome back to Area 13. It's time to learn something else about electric bicycles. I'm Kyle, the owner and the host of the Area 13 Ebikes Podcast. All about every single thing I can possibly think of electric bikes. So if you have any interest in riding an electric bike, stay tuned. I want to talk about skills that you either should have or skills that you can start working on right now.

This is the Area 13 Ebikes Podcast.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • What are the three specific skills you can learn how to do to be a better rider.
  • How to increase your confidence as an bike rider. 
  • The importance of having good brakes and what is most common that riders do when they are nervous. 
  • How you can improve your braking on various terrain options. 
  • What you can do to become more comfortable on your bike and why knowing your bike and how to ride can make you a safer rider. 
  • And so much more! 

I think the combination of those things is just going to make you have more fun on your electric bike. Thanks again for listening. I hope you have fun with those three things. Go try them, send us an email to If you did any of those, even better yet, send us a video before and after.

I think that would be awesome to see. We should do that with somebody here. We're going to practice, you know, before your skills, and then we're going to see how you improve and see after. I'd love to see that from some of you guys. If you're new to the podcast, make sure to go check out our website Area 13 Ebikes dot com.

We have electric bikes for sale. We have upgrades such as better brakes for better performance. If you've got a Rad Power bikes, we have upgraded controllers and batteries. But we also have our own line of awesome electric bikes, anything from small fat tires, folding bikes, up to full suspension emtb, carbon fiber, mountain bikes, but only electric.

That's all we do here at Area 13. And if you want to be on our newsletter for the podcast, you can find that by going to ebike podcast dot com. Thanks again. We are signing off and I will talk to you guys on another Tuesday.

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