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Ebikes Done Differently | EP 110

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Hey, Everybody! Welcome back to another podcast episode. I always like to bring up something different, something new. We talk about different ebikes we talk about bikes from different companies. We talk about gas prices and how does that compare to bicycles? So many different things. And we just got something in today.

This is the Area 13 Ebikes Podcast.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • New models we might be bringing in and how you can contribute your insight on what is coming next.
  • What makes the Sur Ron a bit different from other ebikes? 
  • What other things are coming down the pipeline with ebikes?
  • What is the estimate for The Blackbird arrivals?
  • What is the difference between a moped and an ebike that is like The Sur Ron?
  • What are these types of bikes used for?
  • Listen to real calls from some of the recent ebike winners.
  • And so much more! 

Thanks again for listening. If you're new. Check out our email list. Ebike podcast dot com. We'll send you notifications when new episodes come out, we'll announce giveaways. Just like in this episode, I just talked to three bike giveaway winners tonight, and there will be more. So stay tuned and listen to more podcast episodes.

Check out the YouTube channel. My name is Kyle. This is Area 13 bikes, and hopefully I can talk to you again soon.

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  • Hello Area13ebikes, I find your podcasts on the evolution of the ebike market very qualifying. I’m a founder of a high-performance ebike company in silicon valley. I would love to hop on with you guys and talk about the evolving market of high-performance electric bikes.

    Andrew Dyer on
  • The Sur Ron is ok but, when I can get a Rebel style eBike… I’ll take 2!!!🤯

    Also, what about the Zero EBikes? Can you test of them or even get them?

    Ray Marx on
  • I’ve been watching YT video’s on the SurRon for a few months now, looks like a blast to ride, good range, slick design, beautiful bike!

    Rob Monsipapa on
  • I hope you do start carrying the Sur-Ron. They look like fun! I own a traditional 250 dirt bike, but something that is electric and one-half the weight would certainly be a worthy replacement.

    Bill Pepoon on
  • I’m ready to order a SUR RON from you guys when you get one in! Have been following them for a while , but was reluctant because no serial number . Wanted to use as a moped.

    Robert L on

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