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Ebike Rights with Jessica from Bolton Ebikes | EP 81

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. Today, I have a special guest. You probably actually know who she is, if you've been listening to the podcast for a while, or if you've ever emailed into Bolton Ebikes. Jessica was the first person I hired at Bolton Ebikes and handles everything behind the scenes at the podcast and the YouTube channel, and a lot of other stuff has never been on the podcast. 

We're not going to talk necessarily about what Jessica does as much as a trail system in an area in Arizona. So we'll get into that in just a minute.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about:

  • What is The Loop and what does it offer within the city of Tucson, Arizona?
  • What is advertised with Pima County as being allowed and not allowed?
  • What are people saying on Facebook to voice their concerns based on their experience and need for an ebike.
  • What happens if you ride an ebike on the loop?
  • Is there anything being done to allow ebikers access to The Loop more often? 
  • What has Jess so fired up and what is she encouraging you all to do to join her?

Thanks again for listening to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast, I do want to throw a little plug out for e bike search dot com. That's our new buy and sell marketplace for used electric bikes.

Thanks Jessica for being on the podcast episode for the first time. Thank you. It was amazing if you are not on our email list for the podcast, make sure to go to ebike Very simple, easy to remember ebike The only thing we're going to send you our emails when new podcast episodes come out.

Or maybe some occasional little tidbits about other models and ebike news. And of course, if you want video content, you can always go check out Bolton Ebikes on YouTube. And of course, Bolton ebikes dot com. If you want to buy a bike, we've got a lot of bikes coming in right now. Availability is getting better.

Although lead times are still long for us on a lot of things. We do have a lot of bikes coming in very soon. Some of the lead times are reasonably short. So make sure to check out Bolton ebikes dot com. If you are looking for another bike or perhaps your first. In the very near future. Thanks again for listening, we will catch you on another Tuesday.


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  • Any update on Foxbat order arrival date? Recall a few weeks ago they were on the ship enroute. Thanks. Steve Lord

    Steve Lord on
  • I bet it’s going to eventually be a national problem.

    Daniel L Bunch on
  • Wow, and I thought we wanted to remove fossil fuels more political stupidity. Personally I’m going there in Sept. No matter what I’m gonna ride my e bike. I’ll welcome any contributions for my legal fees.

    Dan Bunch on
  • I have a 2nd home in western Michigan. The county there has built a beautiful mountain bike trail around a river reservoir called The Dragon. The trail rules include “NO E BIKES”. This rule also makes no sense to me. I believe they are afraid that ebikes leave ruts in the trail similar to what a motorcycle would do. I’m 63 yrs old, retire with leg problems. Sure would like to enjoy this trail on my Blackbird. The understanding of what an ebike is, is absent in Michigan as of yet I believe.

    Scot Gazlay on
  • Could we get more reviews of commuter and city bikes. We don’t have many mountains on the east coast and in the midwest We do however have a lot of bike thieves. So, a podcast or Youtube video on how best to protect your Ebike would be appreciated..

    Ray on

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