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Ebike Partnerships | EP 49

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. A few episodes ago, we had a guy named Roshan Thomas from Biktrix on the podcast. And I just wanted to give you what I think is a pretty cool and exciting update of where the conversations have gone from there. 

Thank you for coming back. My name is Kyle Chittock. I’m the owner of Bolton Ebikes, and you’re listening to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • The exciting news we have to share regarding sharing more models of ebikes that are not all from us. 
  • Why we would be offering other ebike companies bikes. 
  • What we’ve got in store for this week’s video and why it’s very important that you watch it until the end. 
  • The differences between the torque and cadence sensor - when it comes to comparing the Foxbat and the Juggernaut Ultra 1000MD. 
  • A short preview of what we have in the works (Hint: UBCO) 
  • How you can win an ebike and why we’ve been offering so many giveaways lately. Plus, information on giveaways for 2021.
  • Where is that awesome ebike you helped us design from Electric Bike Company? And how we’re giving it away. 
  • What is next for Bolton Labs and what we are launching to make it even more accessible to those that want to be a part of ebike research and development. 
  • Updates on arrivals of back ordered ebikes and when you can expect your order.

Thanks again, for listening to another episode from the Bolton Ebikes Podcast, if you know of a person that would make a great guest for this podcast, make sure to send us an email over at info at Bolton ebikes dot com.

We're always trying to find other innovative people in the electric bike industry that would make a great guest and provide good, valuable information to everyone who is listening. And again, if you're not on that email list, make sure to go to to sign up. If you're looking for an e-bike make sure you go check out

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  • This partnership is great news. I am familiar with both companies. Bolton and Biktrix are two of the best names in ebikes! I just put studded winter tires on my current Biktrix fat tire yesterday here in Wisconsin so I appreciate the comments about snow. Continued good fortune in 2021!

    Steve on
  • Love the information and reviews. Haven’t decided which first ebike to purchase but your reviews are helping me to narrow it down. Thank you!

    Kimberly Salloum on
  • Love your podcasts. Keep up the very informative news. Merry Christmas.

    Frank De Boer on
  • Maybe a cheap/good pedal wrench? I bought a couple from Jenson for pennies, it’s not bad but would look better with a Bolton logo. Want to see the caps! Ship one with my Blackbird?

    forrest on
  • Good move/great podcast. I’ve been following Roshan/Biktrix for a long time, very impressive, much like Bolton. I have a BlackBird (Sept delivery batch) on the water somewhere, really looking forward to that, and I’ll be looking at Juggernauts after I get that…endless fun! Keep up the good work!

    Forrest on

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