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Dirt E Bike with Bryan Ratcliffe | EP 56

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I know that getting guests lately has been more challenging than in the past. Definitely, in-person guests are sparse, but we have one on the phone today, and not only is he a guest who can talk about electric bikes and things that are on two wheels that are electric, but he also has a podcast about this very subject.

So very excited to have Brian from The Dirt Ebike Podcast on the show today. So once again, you're listening to The Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I'm Kyle, the host. Let's jump right into another episode.

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • How did Brian get hooked on electric bikes and all they have to offer?
  • What he realized he could do with an ebike that changed everything for him.
  • His story of how ebikes have improved his relationships. 
  • How he was able to stay fit even in wet and snowy conditions.
  • Why he decided to start The Dirt E Bike Podcast.
  • He has had companies such as Sur Ron, UBCO, Super 73 and others on his show and how those interviews have helped him grow even more as an ebike enthusiast. 
  • They talk about the different classes of ebikes and how that applies to the US and Canada.
  • And so much more! 

Thanks everybody for listening. If you are not on my email list, make sure to go to e bike podcast dot com. That's where you can sign up for notifications that go out every week on every Tuesday. And when new episodes come out, we will occasionally sprinkle in some details about things that are going on at Bolton Ebikes. If you want to be on that email list to know when new episodes are coming out, e bike podcast dot com is the place to go.

Thanks again for listening! See you next week!


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  • Yes, another great discussion. I’m always learning new things. Now if only my mind would remember them!

    Don Morey on

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