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Convert or Not. That is the ? | EP 26

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Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the Bolton e-bikes podcast. If you're new to the podcast, this is a place where you can learn all about electric bikes. Each time I promise you will learn something new or something interesting. You'll be entertained, whatever it is, you're going to get something. And it's going to be, I guarantee it’s related to electric bicycles. I've got an interesting episode as always. Today's just going to be you and me talking about whether or not you should build your own electric bike.

I'm going to give you some sneak peeks at new products or videos that might be coming out. So let's jump into another episode of the Bolton eBikes podcast.

In this episode, you’ll get answers to questions and topics like: 

  • What you need to consider when starting the project of building your own ebike.
  • Why building an electric bike may not be for you and why it just might be the best thing for you. 
  • What you might spend on a conversion project. 
  • How much time can go into an ebike conversion? 
  • And more! 

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  • Kyle hi I’ve been able to convert my RAD bike 750 to the more powerful 750 that I got from you.The problem is the spline nut tool that I got the inner hole cannot fit over the nut to get to the free wheel off and I’m not going to cut the electric cable. Do you sell that spline nut that would fit over the shaft nut and washer or where I can get it. TAKE CARE AND BE SAFE.

    Jack Santi on
  • Kyle,

    Excellent Subject Matter chosen this Edition ~ I totally agree with the equipment viability factors as well as priorities to consider. That stated, what I would really like to do with my 2017 RadWagon is downsize the front & rear tires from 26” x 3.5” to something in the 24” x 3.5” category. Those 2” will go a long way in improving the “Cruising Comfort Factor”. While Rad considers the “frame size” of my RadWagon as “Medium”, it is a bit to, uhm, snug for my short legs to really be comfortable (even though I’m 5’8”).

    I use it on mostly paved roads, & for general exercise. Due to the bike’s weight, & mine right now, pushing the rated limit, the “750 Watt” rated motor size seems to provide sufficient torque to handle most roads in my area. PAS 2 or 3 have been adequate to provide a reasonable workout without causing too much undo strain (I’m 73).

    Any suggestions, or recommendations that you might have if you do not plan to have changes like that available would be appreciated.

    John Bruce on
  • Kyle, thanks for the great advice. I already have a great ebike and was thinking of converting my old MTB for my son. I had researched parts and come to the conclusion that when factoring in my labor, it is cheaper to just buy a new one. I’ve done lots of bike repairs – tubes, tires, pedals, grips, racks, computers, shoes, pads, bearings, spokes and chains. I have most of the tools including a stand. You helped me realize, however, that I don’t want to create an ebike, I just want my son to have one!

    John Williamson on
  • Every podcast I get more exited about my new ebike hobby. Thanks for the good listen! I’m definitely type A+B=B+A well all American and like to have the instant gratification as well like to know when it breaks make it like “The 7 Million Dollar Man” and Add superior upgrades to and learn as I go🤙🏼 But make sure I always have a working ebike before starting a hands on ebike kit project 😉

    Rich McCay-Read on
  • I have been listening to all your podcasts and videos. Looking to buy my first Ebike. Your knowledge and great podcasts etc have convinced me to buy a Bolton Ebike.

    Please sign me up for the free Ebike too!

    Webber Cindi on

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