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Committed To Excellence With Daniel | EP 38

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Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I'm pretty excited because today I have a guest! I love having guests on this show, but even more so when it's somebody I've met in person. So when it's somebody I've known for more than a year and even better for you guys that are listening is somebody that is actually on the ground in China in charge of getting your electric bikes made. Welcome, Daniel, The President of Go for EMobility. And if you don't recognize that name, That's okay. We'll bring up a couple of other names and that you are going to recognize really quickly here.

In this episode, you’ll get answers to questions and topics like: 

  • Who is Daniel and how he got started with his business? 
  • Why he felt like something needed improvement in the ebike industry and what he has done so far to keep going with that commitment to excellence. 
  • He shares more about the connection between the brands Qualisports and Bikonit. 
  • How they came together to bring The Warthog models to you.
  • Why there have been production and delivery delays in the ebike industry.
  • Some small hints about what is coming next from this collaboration.
  • Why it is worth the wait to get a quality ebike. 
  • How the Corona Virus has impacted supply chains and what the plans are to get back on track in a timely fashion.
  • And so much more!

Thank you for listening to another episode of the Bolton eBikes podcast and learning more about the production of ebikes and what it takes, especially during a pandemic. If you're new to the podcast, make sure to go check out

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  • Awesome to hear Daniel’s business enthusiasm! Gong Ho! Bik on it (Warthog) crazy good list of components. Looking forward to next summer to see today’s ideas come to life.

    Rich McCay-Read on
  • Great podcast. Lots of folks now have a better understanding of why Ebikes are the new toilet paper in the era of COVID. They will get here and will be worth the wait.

    Walter Wilson on
  • I worked for a Laser Company and I understand the suppliers and manufacturing plants who assemble and warranty the product. I am patiently waiting my quality built pre ordered ebike from Bolton ebikes.

    Suzann L Andelin on
  • Thanks to Kyle and Daniel for the information. I think anyone who is paying upfront and paying attention attention understands this is a supply chain issue. As Daniel said, “first tier orders from major brand name sellers are the manufacturers first priority”. Bikonit, Bolton and many others comprise a 2nd tier of orders. In addition, the “manufacturers” are selling single units direct at lower prices, This allows the consumer to get better prices than from Bikonit or Bolton. The consumer direct (Alibaba) model provides more revenue for the manufacturers than 2nd tier company discounted orders. Many of these “manufacturers” are really final assembly operations who will do branding and component level customizations but they don’t really manufacturer the frames, wheels, tires, drive train systems or other components. This complex multi-company manufacturing model was developed by US auto manufacturing techniques and It is the cause of the supply chain dilemma described by Daniel and Kyle (no one company is ever responsible for the final product. It is a complex manufacturing eco system at the best of times. Throw in a Pandemic and it’s chaos. Net net for me is I pay, then wait and hope to eventually get a product. It is what it is …

    Robert on
  • This podcast has been very informative and I can’t imagine any other ebike company where consumers like me can actually be exposed to this type of information involving a supplier in China offering this level of honesty and first person experiences. Thank you and Daniel both for this!

    John Hanlin on

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