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Build Your Dream Ebike | EP 43

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Hey Everybody! Welcome back to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast, a place where you can learn all about electric bikes. Now, normally I have a specific subject or topic or a guest, and sometimes I'll brainstorm topics ahead of time and it may be answering common questions. What I’ll cover today is not one of those things, but it's an idea that popped into my head.

When I thought of it, I was like, yes, that is today's podcast episode. This is going to be amazing. So stay tuned. And if you have time or if you have the ability, get a pen and a notepad or your phone and make a few notes, maybe you can even do this exercise with me. If not, that's totally okay.

Today I'm going to talk about the future. And building your dream bike or in this case, building my dream bike without limits, without possibilities. This is The Bolton Ebikes Podcast.

In this episode, you’ll get answers to questions and topics like: 

  • How many ebikes they have and why?
  • The 6 ways we can improve the electric bike in general. 
  • Some of the main things that you may not be thinking about when it comes to building your dream bike. 
  • The really awesome technological addition we’re planning and how you can help make that happen. 
  • And so much more!

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you thought of some ideas that would make your dream electric bike because if we think about these things and we just apply what we know, sometimes we surprise ourselves and we actually think of things that we can do today. Thanks for being a part of Bolton Ebikes, whether you're listening to the podcast, watching the videos on YouTube or you’re a customer, or you’re just trying to learn, I’m happy you’re here. 

See you next week!


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  • I was listening to this and was wondering if anyone has ever thought about getting rid of the chain and external gears. Maybe doing some type of shaft drive that would have a different way of gearing. How many times have we had a chain break or the derailleur bend or break? What if the gearing was internal somehow and the switching of gears would be all enclosed. Motorcycles have shaft drives, why can’t ebikes? And maybe with a new style of electric motor, this would give you torque and distance.

    Michael Williams on
  • The ebike I am looking for is a tandom fat tire. But similar in size and frame of the Hercules. I want something that my autistic son can ride with me he needs his exercise too.

    Daniel Low on
  • Dream bike idea: you left out the lights!! Any good bike and /or ebike DESERVES a great lighting harness built INTO the frame of the bike. Running lights, stop light, turn signal, hazard flash, front lights AND side running lights too. All in one harness all under control either via switch button or app.maybe a separate battery for electrical and of course an extra usb/lightening/usb-c port(s) for accessories.

    Horn, a good LOUD functional horn

    Built in GPS locator

    Bluetooth/Wi-Fi sort of like GMC’s OnStar. Haha

    I’m big in the touring aspect for ebikes. Range range range. Trekking bar option
    And trailer hitch options

    Okay I’ll stop!

    Thanks for reading

    Dale Nimmo on
  • Horses for courses. I think you have expressed some good concepts/ideas and many will probably be implements in some form, at some time. Range and power (removable speed limiters are fine) are my priorities. I find the current slate of ebikes fairly diverse and have determined that at a minimum I need to ebikes to meet my needs.
    I have one for exercise that is fast for a bike but sans throttle so requires me to pedal to go. That’s fine for an exercise machine but for me, at my age, not so good for relaxed touring/exploring. I have an big mid-drive coming that will fulfill that purpose.
    There is one thing that I would immediately purchase to improve the utility of both bikes and that is flat proof tires. No separate liners or messy slime (perfect name) needed and of course, no performance degradation. I guess that’s not very imaginative, but it demonstrates that I am pretty content with many of todays well designed, good performance ebikes. In fact, available inventory is the biggest problem with ebikes today.

    Robert K on
  • My ideal bike would be somewhat opposite of Mr. Johnson’s. Of course power is important, but only in how it’s applied. I want to “melt” hills and keep a relatively steady cadence on the pedals. Weight could be improved. As an old guy, 60#-70# are hard to lift and move around, making them hard to transport to fun biking locations. Comfort could be improved by finding a way to heat or cover the hand grips. I ride early mornings and often arrive with frozen hands. “Cargo” isn’t vastly important, but perhaps racks that would support more weight to the side for occasional shopping trips…maybe baskets instead of “saddle bag” type storage. I like Mr. Johnson’s idea of a solar collector, but I think that kind of miniaturized tech is a ways off. I’m happy enough with my Bolton 24", but would like it even more if the tires were a bit smaller and had a “road” option.

    Rich Howell on

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