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Biktrix Electric Bikes with Roshan Thomas | EP 41

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Hey everybody! Welcome back to the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. Happy to have you here with me for another episode and happy to have another guest on the show who is experienced very much so with electric bikes. I'm pleased to say that we have Roshan Thomas here. You may not know his name, but you may have seen his ads or things on Facebook. I know I have. He is the founder of a company called Biktrix. So we're going to get him on the podcast today to talk a little bit about his experience with electric bikes and where he thinks things are going to go. And I think this is going to be another great episode, so make sure to stay tuned to the very end!

In this episode, you’ll get answers to questions and topics like: 

  • How he first learned about ebikes and got started in this business. 
  • What his background is in electronics and how that spurred a love for thinking differently. 
  • What he wishes were on ebikes that no one else has.
  • His predictions in the ebike industry going into the rest of the year and next year. 
  • The opportunities there are to become more of a part of an ebike community, even if you’re a new rider. 
  • And so much more!

Thank you very much for being on the show Roshan and thank you to everyone else who has been listening to this podcast episode. We'll be back again every Tuesday. If you're not on our email list, you can always go to once again, that's That's where I send out a weekly email so you can find out what the newest episode is and what we're going to talk about next.

And hopefully, you learn something new about ebikes on every single one. Now of course, if you're looking for more information and more videos, more how-tos, you can also go check out the Bolton Ebikes YouTube Channel. If you're not already subscribed, do that there as well. Thanks again for listening. And I'll talk to you again next Tuesday.

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  • Great interview with Roshan, Kyle! Very informative.
    I really hope the supply chain keeps the ebike industry going this next year, as there will most likely be a terrific demand!

    Rick on
  • I have a Biktrix STUNNER. Great Ebike.

    BOb B. on

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