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Affordable Ebikes | EP 50

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Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. I'm Kyle. I am the owner of Bolton Ebikes and your host for the show. I wanted to talk about affordable bikes today. We talk about making bikes better. We talk about improvements. We talk about production challenges for 2020.

But what about making bikes a little bit more affordable, more inexpensive, maybe a little bit cheaper. What are some ways we could make that happen? If you want to listen to that, then stay tuned once again. This is the Bolton Ebikes Podcast. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn more about: 

  • What we do to bring you affordable ebikes, not cheap. We believe in high quality products at affordable prices. 
  • Reflections of the ebike industry and the 2021 predictions.
  • Why we won’t be mass producing bikes and what that means for the quality of our service and ebikes. 
  • How we are different from our competitors and why we feel that is important. 
  • The comment on YouTube that just had to be addressed. 
  • What the most important things are when considering getting an affordable ebike and why finding the cheapest price is not the best idea. 
  • What you can expect for 2021 as far as supply, support, and ebike options.

I hope that somehow you found a way to make this year. A great one. I know we have at Bolton eBikes, we've had a ton of fun and we're going to have even more fun in 2021. Thanks again for listening to the Bolton Ebikes podcast. I appreciate you being here even though this week is a holiday for many, at least when I'm recording this episode right around Christmas and New Years, it's a crazy time for everyone, but I wanted to make sure you guys had another episode to listen to, if you haven't subscribed to our newsletter for the podcast, make sure to go to

We gave away a bike earlier this month, we have another giveaway going on right now. And that's one way you can get on our email list and be aware of those giveaways. So make sure you check that out once again, you can do that by going to e-bike and if you're looking for. And affordable bike or a very high quality, but reasonably priced bike, make sure of course, to check out Bolton Ebikes dot com.

Thanks again for listening as always. I'll be back again on another Tuesday.

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  • I thought the mentioned e-bike was rather neat. Unfortunately, the last time I tried to ride my Lectric XP, I had to walk it home. I came down with a sudden case of Vertigo. I felt like I’ve never rode a bike in my life; I’ve ridden lots of bikes over 40+ years.

    Steve Hatfield on
  • thanks i still want a blackbird

    Edmond G Brush on
  • Great podcast. Love your company approach. Here’s to 2021

    Bart Newsom on

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