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2000 Miles with Sean Huntley | EP 5

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Welcome to The Bolton Ebikes Podcast! My name is Kyle Chittock and I’m your host so let’s get to it with a local customer from Grass Valley, CA. 

On this episode, you’ll get answers to questions and topics like: 

  • How many miles has Sean Huntley ridden on his folding ebike?
  • What kind of wildlife can be found in Grass Valley on bike rides? 
  • Where Sean has taken his ebike with him across the US and the value that having a folding bike was during those excursions. 
  • What is was like riding his bike in the rain
  • How he has been able to keep his battery lasting, even when using his ebike often. 
  • Learn more about how Sean charges his ebike on the go (which helps with the range). 
  • The importance of security when it comes to an ebike over a non-ebike. 

Thank you so much for listening! 

Remember to make every day an adventure, have fun and don’t crash.

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  • Security for my bike is a HUGE concern. I have had TWO mountain bikes stolen right from my apartment patio in an apartment complex that is allegedly a secure property. Thieves can easily jump our high fences and then take whatever they want, and then they just walk/ride right out our doors which are, of course, locked, but only from the outside.

    Some of the errands I need to make I will not do because of fear of my bike getting stolen. I live in the Los Angeles basin. So, bike theft is big here. Bike thieves, when caught, should be [REDACTED] and then maybe they’ll think twice before stealing anything from anyone in the future.

    I have a heavy-duty motorcycle chain alarm that’s actually very poorly designed, but visually, it’s a deterrent to some extent. But when I DO use my bike to do my shopping and other errands, I get in and get out of whichever business I go into because I don’t like leaving my bike alone for more than five to ten minutes.

    Excellent interview, Kyle.

    Blaise Gauba on
  • I take my charger with me everywhere as well.

    Blaise Gauba on

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