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Ebike testing - Storm Sondors Fat Bike

Posted by Kyle Chittock on

It's here!  After receiving one of the very first Storm Sondors Fat Bikes, I decided to give it a go both on and off road.  For anyone not familiar with the bike, it's one of the most successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns - ever.  With an initial goal of just $75,000, over 5 million was raised.  There was some controversy over whether or not the bike would deliver with the promised specs at the price.  Let me tell you this - It delivered.

The first test was a steep and long uphill.  Over 700 feet of climbing in less than 4 miles.  It did well, but required some pedaling to keep things moving at a decent pace.  It's a single speed bike and this pushed it more than I think it was intended for.  The battery was only slightly warm after the climb, and used approximately 3.5AH based on the recharge. Next was a downhill test - here comes the fun!  Watch the video below for a ride that includes a steep on road down hill, and some off road action.


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  • STORM’s A Comin’ is Now PAST TENSE… First Wave Shows It’s A GREAT STORM !!!

    Michael "Doc" Miller on
  • Many thanks for posting this video. Sondors truly is a great machine. All those jacked up prices should and must come down to make e bikes, popular. By the way, you are a true virtuoso of the bike and gave us an all terrain demo. A big hug goes out your way. Thanks again.

    Pablo Oliva on
  • Can’t wait……..

    Bruce on
  • Hello How did it handle? Do the wide help ?

    Mark on

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